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Beauty treatments

Your therapist – Lorina

Spray tan


Expertly applied with the best colour to suit your individual skin tones you will  be naturally glowing from head to toe. A well applied spray tan will make you look slimmer, healthier and more toned, a great spray tan will have others believing your faux glow is a real tan!   

For  the perfect, natural all-year-round tan without the harmful damage of UV rays. We use Oz Tan and Naked Tan tanning products all 1-2 hour tans – meaning you can shower just 2 hours after application.

Perfect for weddings, formals, dancers and models, as a great base for body builders, and those who just want that gorgeous holiday golden glow.


Spray Tans

Full Body                    $40

Double Spray             plus $15

Half Body Tan            $20

Pay for 5 upfront       $33 each

Pay for 10 upfront     $28 each


Want to accentuate your eyes without having to apply and re-apply makeup every day? Lorina has 9 years experience doing the now very popular Lash Lift treatment. Lash Lift adds a beautiful upwards curl,  your natural lashes will look beautifully long and full, add a tint and viola! no need for mascara. 

Lash Lift and Tint       $99

Lash Lift                      $90